Well, it's almost a musical. The big brat is doing most of the singing and the little one is doing almost all of dancing and jumping and acrobatics. Although I'm really not sure how, she seems to have a way with him. She jumps on him, chases his tail and follows him allover the house. He let her into his food bowl after he was there first. I was shocked!

She just gets right back up again when he swats her across the floor. It's really great entertainment. Heh. She bites him all the time so it's not an uneven fight. And he doesn't beat her until she's pestered him for a good long time. I think he's being very patient.

Thanks to my mom for the great idea to bring the kitten home right away instead of waiting a few days. Her rationale was that the brat is used to sharing right now. She's was very right. The brat barely threw any hissy-fits compared to what I was expecting. I'm very proud of him.

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