I've known for a while that my chiropractor is a good person. Genuine, funny, and looking out for his patients' best interests. Today, that went to new levels. He was just about to walk out of the treatment room and then turned around and closed the door again. He paused before speaking, unusual for him, and finally asked if could ask me something personal. And I'm thinking, "You have put your hands just about everywhere on my body, including my pubis bone, and now we're going to get personal?" What I said was, "Go ahead." Another pause before he says, "When you are ready to start dating again, I have this friend that you might like to meet."

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cenobyte said...

...does anybody but me find this just a little creepy while at the same time being kinda sweet?

neuba said...


Amy said...

I don't see the creepy... I assume Suz doesn't see the guy outside of the office, so when else would he bring this up? He waited until the professional part was over, he asked if it was OK, and the fact that he knew she was in the the market means that this level of conversation has happened before.

At least he didn't say this *while* he had his hand on her pubic bone. *That* would have been creepy. :)

Suz said...

I didn't think it was creepy at all, actually. Now that I can see it from an objective standpoint, yes, it could be taken that way, but it wasn't.

Anyway, in the following conversation he said something along the lines of when he meets someone he - there was some fumbling with how to say this, but I got the gist - thinks is cool and neat and interesting and good and whatnot, he cares about their happiness.

I was probably blushing.

Suz said...

Did I mention that I see him almost every week? That's more than I see most people.

rach said...

If his friends are as nice as I hear he is, I think that it would be worthwhile meeting any of them, when you are ready! It is really great having someone think you are cool and neat and interesting! I'm happy for you! And after hearing other stories about this particular chiro, I don't find the comment even a little out of line.

cenobyte said...

Eh. I still think it's a little creepy. I'm imagining myself, with my doctor or my chiropractor, both of whom I trust inherently, and both of whom I respect and whose company I quite enjoy. Usually I don't ever see them outside the office. And when I do, we stop and chat, and that's what's nice about living in a smaller community.

However, if I had just had an appointment with either of them, and they stopped me and had the conversation Suz mentioned, I would feel distinctly uncomfortable. I think it has to do, for me, with "at the office".

If my doctor phoned me at home or saw me on the street or even mentioned something quietly in the waiting room or in the hallway, I don't think I'd feel so weird.

I dunno. I think it's sweet, but creepy. If it happened to me. Which it hasn't.

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