Random Sunday Thoughts

This weekend hasn't been as productive as I'd like, but at the same time, I really needed all the sleep and relaxation I had instead. Now I get to do all the things I was supposed to have done yesterday. It'll be an adventure!

On Tuesday, my dad came to visit me which I quite enjoyed. We had a good chat and he brought me some shelves for my office and bedroom. I have to varathane them before I put them up, but it's a small price. I also have to varathane the edges of my desk yet. I realized that I really should varathane the part that is against the wall as well which means taking it off the wall which brings out the lazy in me. [sigh]

I'm planning on sleeping, doing laundry and varathaning next weekend when I'm at home.

While not my news to celebrate, a friend got some fantastic news last week that I couldn't be there to celebrate with him. It was the most lonely (and single) I'd felt since he left Saskatoon.

As it is tangent day in my head, my dad brought me a rose in a swan holder while he was here. It's beautiful. I absolutely love getting flowers when I'm not wishing for any. Good luck in guessing when that is! ha ha

My new kitten likes to sleep under the covers. My other one has never liked that - I think he always felt trapped whenever something was overtop of him. He likes to know he can get away if he needs to. Maybe that's just the paranoia of old age though.

If I have time today, I think I'll make a cake. I've been craving one.

I fly out to Winnipeg first thing in the morning. It's going to be extremely busy and very rewarding experiences in the next few weeks. I'm sure that by the weekend, I'll be exhausted.

My little one just slide down my back. I trimmed her claws this morning for the first time and she's feeling pretty useless without them. She actually has to jump to get places inside of climbing and so she's whining a lot more.

My dad also chopped some wood for me (I really did try to do it myself, but it didn't quite work out) so I've had a few fires this weekend. I love watching a fire burn. Kitten learned hot.

Now off to do chores. Boooo...

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