Good Kitten

It was absolutely wonderful to see my kitten this weekend. My friend indulged with me hours of kitten enjoyment. I should have been home doing laundry or income taxes, but this was so much better. She's been keeping me wonderfully posted on my kitten's life at her house. She growls wonderfully - she sounds like a large wild cat such as a cougar or tiger. It's startingly to hear the sound from such a small kitten. And she's gotten a wonderful nickname from her captors. She will have to tell you about it because I only remember the pronunciation.

Not only did I get kitten time, I got gaming time - the first time in a really, really long time. Except that time in Calgary a month ago. And the time before that the first weekend in January. YAY! Anyway, D&D was played and fun was had by all and I got to know more than the boys and someone described her vision of the gamer girls she knows in Saskatoon. My official title, you ask? Original Gamer Girl. I don't see it, but I was still pleased with the thought. Two other friends do NOT want to know their official titles in this particular person's world although I laughed heartily at the thought of telling them.

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carla said...

Echo's nick name - I am not certain of the spelling, but I think it is klienecha. Anyway, I was always told it means "little one" in Dutch :)

And don't you dare tell them what I said!

Suz said...

I won't. I promise. I'll just giggle to myself for years to come.

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