My new friend wouldn't let me leave Toronto without experiencing something uniquely Toronto. YAY!

While I woke up with my first ever case of pink-eye (blech!) and decided to blame on Toronto, I got to discover why so many people love this city.

I thought that it would feel like Calgary, but worse. It's so not. Toronto is what it is. Am I going to explain that further? Nope, don't feel like it. Heh.

Maybe it was who I was with that made all the difference. She was able to show me bits of Toronto that I found fascinating and a lot because she was a wonderful hostess to her city. She explained a lot of things to me about the city and the reason behind things and all kinds of exciting information. She's a really great storyteller. And she looked up information on the places we were going in the city and everything. We went to new places that she'd never been before either which I thought was a lot of fun for both of us.

Where did we go? She drove me down Lakeshore because it is a very interesting drive and then took me by the university where I was enamored with all the old buildings. Then she took me to Casa Loma. So happy!!! I got some pictures. And then we went to the Bata Shoe Museum. Then to dinner at the Gypsy Co-op (a place that would rival Calories!) on Queen St. W. Of course, on the way there, I saw some very shiny stores. One in particular was named the Silver Snail. My friend said that we'd go next time. YAY!

There were a lot of tempting things. And the next time, she also said we'd go to the Royal Ontario Museum which I really, really want to see. Of course, it's only open late on Fridays which is happily the night it's free.

I apologize to all the big cities that I assumed were like Calgary, but worse. You have already grown up and know who you are.

Edit: I totally forgot to mention that for about a minute driving down Gardiner Expressway there was the completely unbelievable smell of cookies baking. My friend knew exactly when we would get into range of the cookie factory. So completely unexpected and heart-warming.

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carla said...

ahh the ROM. . . I would love to see it with you :)

rach said...

I only saw a teeny bit of Toronto, but hope to see more sometime. I know some people who spent a week there at the hospital, and all three of them even have fond memories of things they saw.

neuba said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time Suz.

It is always nice to have a tour guide when you are in unfamilar territory. You generally get to see things you wouldn't see on your own.

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