3 Day Weekend Totals

Gardening: 8 hours
Birthday party preparations: 12 hours
City of Heroes: 8 hours
Time with friends: 6 hours
Sleeping: 32 hours
Errands, chores, and all those other things: 6 hours

What a fantastic weekend!

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rach said...

Three day weekend totals

meetings 5 hours
travel 12 hours
playing with kids 4 hours
sleep 18 hours
talking about holiday 2 hours
not being at work - priceless

neuba said...

Sounds like a productive weekend. Can't say that much about myself for this past weekend.

Haven't been on CoH lately, mostly because of WoW, and because whenever I do log, no one is around. I have gotten quite particular about playing with friends.

If you are ever up for playing, give me a ring. Perhaps we could spend some time lvling the twins.

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