Sleeping Cats

I've got a cat asleep on the bed next to me and one purring in my lap making cute noises of complaint every time I move.

I made plans to go to a movie on Thursday after I have drinks with co-workers. I took someone's advice that I wouldn't normally take as his advice isn't typically all that good. I called some people. Well, maybe only one additional person. I'll call other people later in the week - spread out the time I spend away from my cats. Heh.

I think I know why I have the blahs - the endless to do list for work. I keep saying I need a vacation, but what I really need is time away from my email and my phone at work so I can get some work done. I've been avoiding all the things that I could put off before because there were more pressing things to do. Now that things are back to the "it would be nice to get these things done" list. Some of those things are actually becoming more important than that list, but it's a really tough transition to the "must be done now" list. It usually ends up skipping that list and going to the "MUST BE DONE RIGHT F-IN NOW" list which is a list that doesn't have anything on it for very long. Probably have to put something on that list tomorrow. But hey, that's tomorrow.

Did I mention that I'm trying to save money and I suck at it? Okay, I don't suck that much at it, but I could be better. I did manage to walk out of Michael's today and spending less than $5. But Canadian Tire and Future Shop had already stung me. I got some pants hangers and some fluorescent light bulbs and then 3 movies at Future Shop. Chronicles of Narnia came out today and I really like that movie. So I got it. The special addition with pretty metal case.

It's late and I'm really hungry. And I have cucumbers in the fridge just screaming to be eaten. Literally. They're really annoying and are going to get it good in just a few minutes.

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Jenn & Owen said...

When I practiced law, I would "Brown Out" for a couple of mornings a week by dissappearing to the law library with some files and a dictaphone in order to get the "real work" done. It really is much easier if you aren't answering the phone every two minutes, or tempted to call out yourself. I suggest the same thing. Make it a regular event, every wednesday morning (or whenever) to put an away message on your voicemail, shut your door, put up a "do not disturb, I'm disturbed enough already" sign, and get your work done. The world will not end if you don't answer the phone or e-mail for 6 hours. Scary, but true.

rach said...

I agree with your other friend there, but admit that it is very hard to do. I have convinced a certain someone to do that (but only twice so far, for a grand total of three hours, when he really needs a complete week to get all his sh*t done. It is worth it, you just have to do it.

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