Welcome, Spring!

My backyard looks fabulous!! I've still got some work to do, but I got done a huge chunk today so that it finally looks decent. And I tossed two bags of debris from the backyard. So utterly fabulous! I'll probably be too sore tomorrow to do the front yard, but maybe I'll get my taxes done then.

My old roommate would be very proud. Oh! That reminds me, I need to tell him that his rhubarb is coming up nicely.

The sunshine today was incredible. Maybe that's why I feel so motivated in the spring for about two or three weeks. The return of the sunshine.

This is one thing you miss when you have weather all the time - seeing life come back to the world around you. I truly love living in Saskatoon.

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rach said...

Geting things accomplished does wonderful things for one's mood and feeling of self-worth, hey? I know it does for me... Unfortunately, usually the times when I really need the boost, I can't (won't) motivate my butt out of bed, and then feel worse.

Suz said...

I was feeling great before I did anything. Getting something done just let the feeling last.

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