Another Visit to My Chiropractor

I know you're just dying to hear about this one. So, today, he showed me his belly where he has a small mark from where the taped up knife that he and his friend were playing with wounded him. Apparently, yesterday, they were playing with the same said knives and there was actual blood. But only his friend ruined a shirt... this time. I was laughing so hard.

Opening the post with, "So my chiropractor showed me his weapon," was my original intention, but I thought that might get some seriously disturbed comments from the viewing audience. Heh.

The knives were pretty cool, I have to say. There was a scorpion blade and the Riddick blades. Very cool.

Anyway, I asked about the "guy". It's a massage therapist. How bad would it be to date a registered massage therapist? [grin] Anyway, he'll be on display attending my birthday party next month.

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rach said...

The guy, or the chiropractor...?

Suz said...


neuba said...

ooooo......I can't wait.

rach said...

Wow! I finally get to meet the infamous "M"! (and his friend!) You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this! What are we doing for your b'day, anyway? I just reminded P last night, (and that I had booked the time 6 months ago) and he responded with "I think I'm going to book a weekend, and your bike..."

cenobyte said...

"Father, to have your hand touch my equipment would make me a very happy man"

Ask Quinn about it.

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