Since I haven't really done anything outside of work in the past few weeks, I don't have much to report. Playing with kittens and playing City of Heroes is about all I've done lately.

I should probably get out more. I feel like a charity case though. I would like to spend time with my friends but I never made time for them before a certain someone moved to Calgary so why should they make time for me now? I don't think that's terribly fair of me. Maybe I'll figure it out next week.

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rach said...

I would make time for you if we were anywhere near each other... Everyone is plagued with the same disease called "notenoughtimetogoaround-itis" so just try. If people don't know you need them, how can they help? When are you near here again?
I'll be there in May for your special day for sure!

rilla said...

Ack! I wish that I could spend some real time with you this week, but I'm up to my hair follicles in homework. I could use a break this week-end... maybe for some Qigong? Or some tea? Let me know.

Suz said...

I don't know when I'll be near there again, Rach. I'm missing my Calgary folk pretty bad, but I need to save money these days so I'm not sure when I'll get up there.

And Ril, no biggie. It's the last week of classes. I have no crazy ideas about seeing any of my university-faring friends this week. I think I'll call someone who just works for a living and maybe see a movie.

cenobyte said...

You could make yourself a golem out of cat hair and feces and mud and then bring it to life using the ancient and secret rituals of Kabala (and possibly some grape kool-aid), and keep it in the shed (because it's made out of mud and feces, man) until you have need of companionship. See, this way you can more or less create the exact personality you want to be around, and you could even program your golem to fetch you things like fuzzy duck slippers and tubs of ice cream. I don't know if you're aware of this, but golems are exempt from paying PST (and they usually just take what they want and amble off anyway; who's going to say anything to a guy made out of poop?) so your groceries will be cheaper.

And if you're *really* dedicated, you could probably even teach your golem to read, and you could open the window and let it watch movies with you, and you wouldn't even have to share your popcorn if you didn't want to. And you could watch all the chick flicks you wanted to, because golems really don't care about that kind of thing. Mostly they care about things like revenge and sweet, sweet retributive justice. But they're good at picnics, too. Maybe not the company picnic, unless it's held in the park at night, but you could always just tell your work friends that your golem is from another country or something.

Anyway, I don't think it's unreasonable to call folks up out of the blue, even if you haven't really done a lot of it lately, because those folks like you. Some of them even LOVE you. And all of them want to spend time with you, no matter how long it's been since the last time you called. Which was a very, very long time ago, I might add.

I'm just saying that it probably will take less time (although almost as much energy) to build yourself a golem for those times when everyone's nose is to the grindstone and you really just want someone to talk about Sesame Street with. Golems usually agree with everything you say, so they make great yes-guys. And if you're not into yes-guys, just say something really contentious. Er. Contentious to golems, like "you know, I think being made out of poop is rather silly...no offense...but that one episode of the X-Files where they were hunting a golem really didn't do your kind justice".

You never know.

Suz said...


You're gonna make me spew milk out my nose!

And I did see a movie - Slither.

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