Tonight's festivities included the making of a risotto which took forever leaving us to talk for a long while it cooked. After supper, we played a game of Theophrastus which I won. ha-ha!

Then we watched About Schmidt which was like watching a very slow train wreck. Apparently, Schmidt's act of sending money to a starving child overseas was supposed to redeem him of all the crappy things he thought were the right thing to do. I can see the message, but it certainly didn't touch me at all. I enjoyed watching it in the company I was in, but I probably would've completely hated it otherwise. Next time, we should watch Battlestar Galatica.

And yes, there will be a next time. [grin]

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rilla said...

About Schmidt was not a movie I enjoyed.

Glad everything else went well.

Chelle said...

OoooooOOooOoh. Date?

That's exciting. You know it is. :) Even if you decide it won't work out or what have you, they're still fun.

Oh, and I just wanted to let you know that David would love to come to your party, but I'll be presenting a paper in Edmonton that day, so... happy birthday!

Auntie Cool said...

Suz ... something's happening to you ... last night was the 27th, today is the 28th. Bet you thought I wouldn't notice. Wrong.

Suz said...

He left at midnight so technically, you're right, it was last night. Thanks, Auntie Cool.

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