More Reflection (Way Too Much Time to Think)

I'm glad that I don't like not having challenges in my life. I whine about them enough, but when I don't have them it's even worse! I'm not saying that I like being stressed out all the time, but there are some challenges that are just exciting and they come with stress too, but I don't notice it as much.

And I make my own challenges, I don't wait for them to happen to me. I choose it all! I've always accepted responsibility for my life, but I sometimes forget that I get responsibility for the good things in my life too.

I will take credit for choosing who I consider friends, but I am very fortunate they feel the same way. Friends are great for telling you the things that you can't necessarily see about yourself - good and bad. And they like you anyway.

My house has a bunch of projects that need doing so that'll keep me homebound for the next little bit, but I'm pretty certain that I'll be feeling like travelling again after my birthday. Maybe a quick trip to Calgary would be in order!

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cenobyte said...

Did I mention you haven't called?

that very same cenobyte said...


Thank you for the telephone call. I am glad that we both recognise that my fingers are much lazier than yours.

And thankyou thankyou for the visit. We misses you, we does.

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