Brain 'Splosion - Almost

I'm stuck in the basement. Well, not literally. I'm sitting on the couch watching the boob tube and my kitten chasing a fly. But I have to re-move into my basement because of all the work that was done. We pretty much had to pile most of the stuff in the basement into one corner so the guys could work. And there is a new bit that doesn't allow the bookshelf back to its former position which meant I had to make changes. I found that the bookshelf works fairly well next to the futon. I cleaned up lots of little things and put most of the books back on the shelf. I have one green garbage bag of crap and another of stuff to give away or sell. But now, I have to go through all the stuff in my craft corner. I have no idea what I want it to look like and where everything should go so I'm stuck.

I really need to loosen up, but how much is too much? Am I still myself if I become less anal? I keep thinking that loosening up will make me less considerate through not paying attention to the details. When I had my little helpers, I don't recall being less considerate, just more relaxed. Hmmm... Maybe there is some room to relax there. And maybe a little forgiveness for myself if I don't meet my very high expectations. As Drang might be able to attest (he's way more relaxed and has probably already forgotten,) I feel way too bad and apologize way too much for silly little things like not showing showing up for a game and only phoning a hour or two before hand when I could have called much earlier. Great example of way too intense about little things. Any tips anyone has for me to help me out would be great. The difference is me being in control of my feelings or my feelings controlling me.

I really need to keep a notepad with me so that I can remember all the different things I think about blogging about other than my normal everyday life as exciting as that may be. [grin]

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