Games Night

Cheruby and I just got home from a games night at the office. It was awesome. We played Hoopla first. Nobody was quite as excited to play as me. I haven't played since that first time at a party hosted by friends. TB did soundstage for Lance Armstrong and it took TUO less than 5 seconds to guess it. Craziness. I had so much fun that I bought the game for myself. Tonight was its premiere showing and I've owned it for years. More craziness. I was so excited that I convinced someone to play. Of course, everyone just wanted to get cloodle to draw their card. So then we played Pictionary which everyone enjoyed immensely. Especially me cuz my team won over Cheruby's team. HA!! [GRIN]

Cheruby, who loves games, didn't really want to go though. He had Darren from Dragon's Den call him as soon as the new StarCraft board game came in. He was so excited and we stopped there at lunch time today so he could pick it up. He couldn't even wait until we got home to open the box and it barely fit in the car!

Cheruby spent a bit of time with his mom this week because she just had surgery on her knees. She is making a really good recovery though and was already walking today a little bit without any crutches. Seasons of Gilmore Girls and Curb Your Enthusiasm have been her friends.

I haven't a brain to talk about anything more exciting than this today.

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