Politics Rant

Yep, this is still Suz. Yep, I'm getting riled up about politics right now. Saskatchewan is in a story state if all we have to choose from is Brad Wall, David Karwacki, and Lorne Calvert. I hate politics.

I spent most of the debate tonight on the TV yelling at the television and not listening to all the inane things they were saying. The gist of it was that Calvert kept his experienced cool and Karwacki was over the top and Wall didn't commit to a thing.

And what the hell is wrong with people in my neighbourhood?!? Every day there are new political signs up and about. And the very next day, those same signs are destroyed. It's pathetic. And the worst part is that it probably is just some kids being destruction rather than someone who has strong political feelings one way or another.

Then I started ranting about the apathy regarding the election. If you are going to whine at all about the government and state of the health care in this province then you better damn well have voted. Grrr...


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