I Think It Worked

I feel like my vacation took this time. Now that I'm mostly recovered from the sick I got from Bne, I noticed that I am actually way more relaxed than I've felt in months.

The library visit last Thursday was AWESOME!! I got a library card and all kinds of literature that I read when I couldn't sleep on Friday night. I got some CDs and looked at Henderson's Directories way back to the beginning of when my house was listed and found all the recorded owners to the present day. I also got a book on exploring Ireland to help me dream.

Anyway, the library seems to be in need of more space - almost double to be more precise. They're thinking of taking over 23rd St. for the renovations and expansions. I personally think that this is a good idea. They have yet to do a feasibility study, but I'm hoping everything goes well this time. Apparently, they've been trying to get more space since the 80s. That's too long. I'd been planning to go to an open house on Thursday, but plans have changed and I'll be out of town.

We had company all weekend and I got to see J-bra and AJ more this weekend than I have in weeks. I thoroughly loved it. Although, I was quite sick so I wanted to sleep a lot and did. Sunday afternoon found us spending time with good friends and playing games. I really enjoyed it.

Then I got to see my folks on Friday night. Dad finished putting rain gutters on the garage which is good. It's done. I have just a few things to get done in the basement. I need to glue the carpet down in a few spots where I had to rip it up for renovations. I also need to insulate the small space between the top of the basement wall and the main floor. And do some caulking around some of the windows in the house. Not really a big deal, just needs to get done. And if I can get that stuff done this winter, I can concentrate on yardwork next year and not worry too much about the house. I'm really looking forward to that.

The guys were here today working on the house - replacing furnace and water heater, installing an air conditioner and converting my wood fireplace to a gas fireplace. I'm totally looking forward to having it done. There were a few issues today, but the guys were totally professional and accommodating and found solutions of which I approved. I don't expect perfection, I just want a professional attitude and all the options to given to me so I can make an informed decision. I don't want to be snowed or taken advantage of or to get less than what I'm expecting. So far they've been great. Two more days for them to prove themselves. They didn't quite finish the furnace today, but that gave them time to set up a lot of the bits of things that they have to do tomorrow. I think they'll do great.

So I have no furnace tonight and no Cheruby to keep me warm either. He's in La Ronge with his dad whose partner just passed away. Cheruby is so worried about his dad and so I'm worried about Cheruby and his dad. Have I mentioned that I love my job - no questions asked, just told him the situation and my boss said no problem and asked if I needed more time. We had our Quarterly meeting today to hear about all the stuff going on outside our own departments and one of the first things that our VP said was that family comes first. I'll be joining Cheruby in La Ronge on Thursday. We hoping to be home before the Mage game on Saturday.

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Amy said...

My sympathy to you and Cheruby. We're thinking of you both.

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