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I guess the sauciness comes and goes. Today - definitely more saucy, but still sparkling.

Polls are funny things in that they don't actually mean anything. I didn't lie exactly, but I didn't bother to think of my truthful answers. I just gave the first answers that came to mind. My mind kept running around the questions with more questions like, "No one on a provincial level of government is going to do anything about my community issues - that's for the municipal government to address, isn't it?" and "Why are you asking me that question?" Of course, I then got my answer. The poll was being administered or at least paid for by the Saskatchewan Party. The questions were a little leading like calling attention to the great retiree benefits for provincial government employees or something like that. They were asking if I'd heard of it. Well, yes, but do you want my opinion about it? Nope, they didn't. If they expect me to be naive enough to think that another party won't try to set themselves up, they're the ones that are being naive.

So, this poll will be slightly skewed because of my answers. And that pleases me a little.

Oh, and I've replaced the lamp. Not with the same model because, of course, 6 weeks later they don't sell that model anymore. That's okay, I like this one quite a bit too even though it doesn't have the cool light in the base and doesn't have that golden glass shade that softened the light so nicely. It does have shelves built in underneath which does please me greatly. More room on the mantle for Christmas cards. ;)

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