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On Halloween, I got to see my dad. I love it when he comes to visit. He's a lot of fun and we made Cheruby cringe by "fighting" in front of him. Both my dad and I knew that we were just having fun and egging each other on by saying mildly (or not so mildly) inflammatory things to each other. It gets my mom really upset when we start doing that. Of course, the really reason that my dad and I love it is because it bothers other people. We usually only bring that little game out for family.

We talked a little about my neighbour. I think you all know that my neighbour wasn't very nice about the rain gutters. That's all done now. My dad, having never put up eavestroughing before in his life, decided to take matters into his own hands and put them up for me. I know I could have conquered my fears if I really needed to, but he's my dad so I think he had greater motivation to help me out. Something about your kid being upset and not being treated very well. Anyway, I appreciate my dad.

He stopped by on wednesday to look at the whirly gig thingie on my roof. It squeaks you see. We've tried WD40 and copious amounts of it at that, and it helped for a while and then it was squeaking again by morning. It has been squeaking less and differently since then, but still squeaking. They haven't said anything since then and they've still been grumpy. My dad is still coming up to fix it, but it's so retarded. Dad didn't have time on Wednesday to fix it because he left Nipawin later than he wanted and wanted to get to Spruce Grove to visit his brother on his birthday.

My dad was right. My neighbour is just an asshole a guy who can't just mind his own frakin' business. I defended him for a long time because I was just trying to get through it with my sanity. I wish I didn't have a neighbour like him.

It's sad but my neighbour makes me not want to live in this house anymore. I don't want to move, but he just lets me know that I don't want to be here. I love all the improvements we've just made and they will make the time here before I move more pleasant for sure, but this home just got more temporary in my mind. I guess I always knew that this wouldn't be my house forever, but I still feel like I'm making it mine. Instead of making big improvements now, I just want to fix what's here so that I'm ready to sell when it's time to go. The basement is the place to fix and I've got some reasonable ideas.

My first rant was better.

Anyway, the rest of the week was status quo. Monday was games night at work, and I think we've decide to call it Pictionary night from now on. Tuesday was In Nomine sans AJ [pout] and a really good session despite our deficit. Wednesday was Halloween. Friday night, Cheruby and went out to his cousin's new place by Vonda. Cheruby's been there lots of times, but this week was a first for me. It was good. And Saturday was spent sleeping in and blogging and inputting bills into the computer and finding that one of my banks is still screwing me over from a mistake they made and some Gilmore Girls to end the day. My niece phoned me and I phoned my mom. Oh, and my employee assistance program at work finally came through with a phone call for me after I wrote to the VP of that department and expressed my concern over how my call for help was handled. I was not a happy camper. She was very nice and accommodating and good. And the plan for today is just stuff - cleaning some things that need cleaning, hanging around with the cats, tidying stuff, putting stuff away, and watching more Gilmore Girls. Cheruby will likely want to play a game, but we'll see if I have time. I do, unfortunately, have to put in a few extra hours at work today.

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