You know, there are days when I LOVE shopping. Shopping makes me happy because I find things that I like and things that the people I love will like. At Christmas time, I'm allowed to indulge those year round impulses to buy stuff. And when I go shopping early enough, which is within the next two weeks, there aren't enough people in the stores to drive me nutty.

So, tonight, Cheruby and I went shopping. He was acting a little ... unhappy. So I asked if he was Angry and he said yes. It crushed me! Apparently, I was really wanting Cheruby to enjoy Christmas shopping with me. He says that he was just a little irritated, but that's just a degree of anger. I completely agree with that, but anger can range from violent rage to minor annoyance. He was completely willing to just suck it up, but I was so distraught at the thought of him being angry at all with being there that I couldn't even think about enjoying myself.

We'll have to try again because we didn't end up in another store after the first one. I'll have a better expectation next time and hopefully, Cheruby will be able to enjoy himself like he does when he's picking out Matt's Christmas comics.

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Cori Quite Contrary said...

I know how you feel; I love, love, love Christmas shopping. I love buying things for the people I love, finding just the perfect thing in the little store I happened to see.

'Guilt-free buying' is one of my 10000 favourite things about Christmas.

Suz said...

cori, I hate the pushing and bumping and the overcrowdedness of it all, but when I find my way to my space in a store, I find a zen that I hold onto as long as possible. It's really awesome.

cenobyte said...

I'm with Chair-OO-bie on this one. I hate shopping. But I think that stems as much from my hatred of large crowds of people and all things heavily marketed.

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