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So, my dad came to visit last night and we went to listen to Cheruby play with in the Irish music session at Cluricaune Pub at the Parktown. Dad was tired but he came out anyway and let me drive his brand new van. It's nice. I'm already planning to borrow to drive to California in with some friends if they'll let me borrow it.

And today, my dad was great. We chatted in the morning and he went and got Cheruby and I bagels and orange juice from Tim Horton's. And then he fixed the squeaky thing on the roof. He was done before noon. What a great guy!

So after not being able to sleep on Sunday night because of that thing and having nightmares about my neighbour, the squeaking just stopped on Monday afternoon. It didn't make so much as a peep since. When dad fixed it, it was behaving. If it's going to be broken sometimes, I'd rather it be broken all the time instead of messing with my head. I don't know why it frustrates me so much that it wasn't consistently broken, but it does. Apparently the bearing was completely shot on it.

It's fixed and I don't have to worry about my neighbour until the next thing. [sigh] I'm tempted to tell them I didn't do anything to it and it just stopped squeaking on its own.

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