Watching Platoon

Okay, so I'm not so much watching Platoon as listening to it in the background and occasionally looking up to see some horrifying images of war or them sitting around getting high and talking about how they want to frag someone who's on their side. Cheery movie. I don't really like war movies. I'm managing to keep my distance from this one fairly well, but only because I'm not really paying attention. Cheruby will have to tell me about the plot later. Huh, I just looked up in time to see someone cutting the ear off a dead man. Why would anyone voluntary watch this? Moving on...

I will tell you that I really liked 12 Angry Men last week. It was subtle and really challenged the perspectives and motives of the jury. Just what can you see when you really look. Thinking back on it now, it reminds me of cenobyte's post chastising herself for judging someone just on their looks and apparent situation in life. It's when you have to convince others to give people a chance that things get a little harder.

We're going to be missing two weeks of movies coming up because of our trip starting next Thursday evening, but I'm looking forward to it none-the-less. The Marx brothers are supposed to be really funny.

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