As you might have read here or here or here, I have dedicated myself to blogging everyday in the month of November. I started posting daily on October 24 and I've realized that I might not like posting for the sake of posting. It's like me talking for the sake of talking. You might get glimpses into who I am and my opinions on things, but I guess I would hope that you know that before you started reading my blog.

One of the things that lends itself to this realization is the first thing that comes to mind when I sit down to blog everyday. That seems to usually be the cats on the carpet in front of me being extremely cute. I love them all. I don't expect anyone to love my old fat cat as much as I do and the little one has to be observed for a long time before you really get to love her quirks. The dainty one seems to be loved by most because he's quite polite and doesn't bother you too much and is quiet and doesn't do a lot of bad things which is hardly any especially compared to the other two who just like being bad. They are usually doing something that I want to tell everyone about because they are cute and I love them. For instance, just now, all three were awakened from their naps and kind of grumpy. The fat one was trying to clean the little one who was trying to clean the dainty one. The little one got cranky at the fat one and reared up and hissed made her paws go wide to look threatening. The fat one just looked at her funny as if to say, "Sheesh! You don't have to get so cranky about it. I'll just clean you later." Then both the little one and fat one went the sunbeam on the carpet to continue napping. The dainty one, as always, appeared to be the innocent bystander. After the other two were done repositioning themselves to the sunbeam, he came and took over the coveted position on my feet.

See, now, how boring was that? I love the kiddenz, but they don't exactly fill a blog with anything anyone else wants to experience.

And I just accidentally deleted a nice rant about my neighbour because I wanted to use it tomorrow. [sigh]

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