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Here I am, blogging my last post for NaBloPoMo. I have to say that it's been harrowing and boring and sometime exciting. I very much enjoyed the writing part while in the car on the drive. It felt great to just write and not have to worry about anything else. Unfortunately, without all the hubbub of being on vacation, there wasn't as much to write about after I got back. I also didn't feel as much like spending hours writing because of all the other things in my life that I am doing.

While some people didn't think they'd make it through the month, I never once considered that I wouldn't do it. You see, I was in a competition which means I don't give up. The number of times that my eyes were barely open and it was after 11:30 at night during the month was a little too much. Cheruby was constantly whining for me to come to bed or just playing Oblivion to be "with" me.

The best part about this whole thing was the friendly competition between Rilla and I. And to prove who's better, here's the scoreboard. (A Short Post is less than 300 words, a Moderate Post is 300 to 699 words, and a Long Post is more than 700 words.)

Word Count Comparison

Rilla Suz
November 1 315 220
November 2 214 0
November 2 1957 606
November 3 366 402
November 4 461 716
November 5 241 391
November 6 513 0
November 6 650 234
November 7 174 287
November 8 190 153
November 9 559 0
November 9 114 234
November 10 265 1205
November 11 369 893
November 12 369 315
November 13 418 834
November 14 362 359
November 15 697 521
November 16 665 431
November 17 132 203
November 18 154 621
November 19 261 148
November 20 1037 450
November 21 562 556
November 22 811 742
November 23 157 396
November 24 474 136
November 25 251 521
November 26 308 215
November 27 581 310
November 28 175 183
November 29 499 250
November 30 684 749
Total Words 14985 13281
Total Posts 33 30

Points Earned

Rilla Suz
Short Posts (5 points each) 36 42
Moderate Posts (10 points each) 108 60
Long Posts (15 points each) 27 54
Posts with Photos (1 point each) 9 3
Fabulous Posts (7 points each) 21 35
Posts Above Mandatory (4 points) 12 0
Posts About NaBloPoMo (-2 points each) -10 -4
Completion Bonus (25 points) 25 25
Total 228 215

As you can plainly see, the best blogger won here. I thought there was some trickery about in Rilla's blog style. Making stuff up, double posting from another blog (I posted on that other blog too and didn't double post), making promises that weren't kept, taking a post from another friend's blog, and posting about NaBloPoMo itself are most of the shenanigans pulled off by my esteemed competitor in the name of winning. Of course, I am guilty of a few of those myself, but not in the abundance that she had the audacity for.

It's a good thing that all of that means nothing and I love Rilla to bits.

Getting all the figures together for the things I thought were important to blogging, I began to be a little bit more objective. And quite frankly, I'd rather read Rilla's blog than my own. As I mentioned in my Bored Now post, I am essentially lazy and don't want to put in the effort, except that it took over 2 hours to write this post. Rilla, on the other hand, gets a lot more out of creative works and writing. I don't take that for granted just because she's now a Master of English. Most of the time, she really loves it. That makes me happy that she loves it. I remember finding her on the floor in a Chapters pouring over books of poetry and being enthralled by it. I wish I had a picture of that because although most people would just see Rilla sitting on the floor surrounded by books which is happy in itself, I would see Rilla in love and experience that feeling of seeing her again. I sat down next to her wanting to be included in the feeling, but alas, that's not for me. I get my rapture elsewhere. And in fact, it's with me right now in that memory of my dear friend.

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rilla said...

Yay! I win! I had no idea you were taking the competition so seriously. If I had known the rules at the outset I would have posted longer (more repetitive ;) ) posts. I liked "seeing" you every day this way. I wish I had more time to see you face to face right now.

I love the trophy.

Suz said...

LOL - I wasn't taking it that seriously. I needed something to post about for my last day and I hadn't really kept score or thought of the rules until I wrote that post. That's why it took over two hours to write and compile the data.

We'll be seeing each other soon. And I'm glad you love the trophy.

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