Gilmore Girls

I've been neglecting my Gilmore Girls lately. I feel ashamed. I love them sooo much. But it begs the question - why am I paying for cable when I haven't watched my favourite show in 4 weeks? Especially when my favourite show is actually on peasant vision which is free.

That might have been brought on my the fact that I'm dreading balancing my books tonight. I haven't done it since my computer got sick about three or four months ago. It was a dark time. I don't actually like thinking about it.

The Gilmore Girls are a great distraction from the drama at work. A co-worker put it best today by saying that she likes to stay under the radar. Unfortunately, I like sticking my nose everywhere which often means my toes end up where they don't belong without my realizing it. Of course, I'd hate it a lot if things were simple and easy. I'd have to start making stuff up to talk about. Heh.

I did a lot of running around today at lunch. I'm finally figuring out that lunch hour isn't just for eating lunch anymore. Today, I went grocery shopping, did the dishes, and went to one bank to withdraw to put into another bank. I actually didn't have a chance to eat. Been doing that lately. Picked up a salad at the grocery store which I finally ate at 2:30. I'll figure it out eventually.

Oh yeah, I also had time to put the cat out... For those of you who live in Saskatoon, you know what happened this afternoon. It rained. And Misha's leash doesn't afford him the luxury of hiding under the steps. I worked late today too. I got home to an empty backyard and a note from the roommate. Apparently the "sopping" cat was dried with the duck towel. And while he was mostly dry, he still smelled like wet cat and that was oh, so pleasant. Poor, poor roommate. And all this after a crazy caffeine hangover wake up when my alarm went off and I freaked out and was in the shower before feeding the cat. That means that the Brat meowled for 20 minutes outside the bathroom door. It wasn't a pretty scene and I'm not just talking about me in a towel.

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Maara said...

GG rocks! i'm still waiting to see if Luke accepts Lorelai's proposal. i had to work on Wed. so i don't even know if it was on this week. arrggghhh - oh, the agony!

Suz said...

Don't worry - it was a rerun this week.

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