Earthdawn and Massage

A couple friends came over tonight and we made characters for a roleplaying game we are going to be playing once a week. It was a really good night.

I had a massage right after work and it was absolutely fabulous. Except for the parts where she made me scream in pain. My massage therapist is a friend of mine as well so we always have good chats when I can stay awake. Her favourite joke is "What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry? -If you hadn't been so fresh last night we wouldn't be in this jam." She's so cute, but definitely not as innocent as you might think. She's planning a stag/stagette for this weekend. Let the good times roll! I hadn't seen her in about three weeks and she really noticed the weight I'd lost. This week, I've really noticed as well. Tomorrow, I get to see how I did overall since last week. I'm hoping for the best, but I've been flucuating a lot this week.

A good friend from high school is coming to Saskatoon to visit this weekend. I'm so looking forward to it. I'm going to make us some pizza for supper tomorrow night and then, although she works at a movie store, we'll probably just stay in a watch a movie.

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