Mmmm.... Caffeine

Today was busy as I thought. But really good. And maybe a little caffeinated. Wheeeeeeee...

I had supper with the new salesguy in my office and another friend from the office. That's where the caffeine came in. I had way too much and I know I should have had water, but I didn't. So suffering the consequences, I got really wired and really funny because I was talking too much and too fast. I have no idea whether I was embarassing myself or not, but I had a good time.

I actually had no problems getting up this morning. It was a nice surprise, but it was a little yucky out so I couldn't put the Brat out for the morning. I just had to listen to him whine.

I returned the cat collar and planned on getting a new one at the same pet centre, but they only had the regular buckle ones and the stupid break-away ones. Oh and harnesses which have no effect on my cat's squippiness quotient. They're useless too. Just seemed so silly not to have all types of collars at a pet store.

My friend from Calgary saw Walking on Water and said it's a really good movie so I've put it on my "Movies to See" list. And then he told me about the great day he had. I'm going to visit him at the end of June which I'm also excited about. I don't have any additional vacation days to take then, but a quick weekend trip will be cool.

The Fading Suns game today was great. We had a great fight scene where we called upon the flaming church's help. A huge contradiction to the previous game. Secrets came out and I was wired on caffeine so I was really distracting and talkative although trying very hard not to be.

And in other great news, I got approved for my vacation today for August so that I can go to San Francisco with my boyfriend. I'm going to book the flight tomorrow. I'm just so excited about the whole thing. YAY!!

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neuba said...

Hey Suz, when are you guys going? I checked and my holidays run August 8-19. If Amy & Randy are going to GenCon we will likely try to go the week of the 8th.

Let me know.

(stupid break-away collars - USELESS!!!)

Suz said...

Driving to Calgary after work on the 15th and then we're flying out of Calgary on Aug. 11 and flying back to Calgary on Aug. 16. I also have an extra two days off that week so I don't know when we'd drive back to Saskatoon. I do have to work on Friday the 19th.

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