Poofy-Tailed Cat

The Brat just about opened the front screen door trying to be territorial. There was another cat on the sidewalk. It was highly amusing to me to watch him race between the screen door and the front window. The hissing was particularly amusing to me. The funniest part was that the other cat on the sidewalk was just sitting there minding his own business. I'm so happy I have such a companion in this life.

I just re-read an email and reply to one of my good friends about the time when my cat went missing. I was heart-broken and there was nothing I could do about it. Her support, and others', was amazing. I know that if I went to her now with anything, the response would be the same although we seem to have grown apart. It seems odd how easily friends slip into acquaintances even though the same feelings are there. The social situation that exists is strangely awkward - this person I used to say anything to, I'm now afraid I'm going to offend just because we haven't talked in a while. And yet, I'm sure the path goes both ways when I say that if that person ever came to me asking for anything, I'd do everything in my power to make whatever the trouble is go away or make it better. Of course, the cat came back (I should've trusted in
Fred Penner) ten days later.

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neuba said...

I can relate Suz! Last summer Jake got out and by the time we noticed it was hours later. I was frantic and didn't sleep much during the night. I got up every few hours to go outside, walk around the block calling his name.

I don't think I realized how attached emotionally I was to my cat until I thought I lost him. Because I don't have kids I can only think it is a similar feeling feeling that parents have when their child goes missing.

There was much saddness and crying, until he showed up at the door at 630am. I hugged him so hard I am sure he was wondering what was going on. For him it was probably a nice little adventure and he was ready to come home.

Sky said...

Speakin' about pets getting out: my dog has an evil twin. He lives half a block away, and looks pretty much identical to her... so long as you're not invading his privacy too much, that is. I actually had someone come to the door to tell me that my dog was running around on the street, and did an awesome double take upon seeing my dumb mutt barking away with joy at having a visitor.

The poor evil twin got picked up by animal control last week. I guess getting out 3 or more times a week and eating garbage, etc. just got to be too much for the neighbours. At least now Freya won't get blamed for being a bad dog when she's really just a bit rotten.

Suz said...

Until you have kids, pets are your kids. Hell, when my dad found out about the first real grandchild on the way, he taunted my cat with, "HA! You're being replaced by a real one!" All the time rubbing his belly, but still. He [the cat] was the first grandchild.

neuba said...

I don't dare say my dad is *grampa* to the cats. He usually responds with "your gross."

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