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What a great day! Work was mostly unproductive (not really, but it felt that way), I only got one errand done at lunch and it was extremely windy. But those are the worst things that happened. I suppose if I dwell, I could nitpick every little thing, but there's no point because I really enjoyed the day.

I phoned my mom and dad to wish them a happy 33rd anniversary and mom asked me for a favour that was completely within my ability to do so that was errand at lunch that I did get done. Instead of taking the vinyl straight to the bus depot, I found a box big enough at home to pack it with the presents I bought them (mom) in Vancouver. I was so pleased that I remembered. Now if only I could remember to ask mom for my roommate's books back. Anyway, I was packing up her supplies to go on the bus tonight and when I grabbed some old newspapers to use in packing, I saw a 2 year-old article about someone I know in fencing which I haven't thought about in a while. It was inspiring to read the article and I didn't use that particular page for packing. There were also some interesting facts about great horned owls in that paper as well which entertained me this afternoon. Although I forgot to share the article with a friend who I met through fencing and he was even at my house tonight.

My high school friend showed up after I'd had a wonderful afterwork nap and I got to show off my house as she hadn't come to visit since I bought it last September! [gasp] Canadian Tire phoned and the wheelbarrow I got a raincheck for last weekend was already in even though they said June 22 so my friend and I went to pick that up. While at CT, I got a black cat collar that has a clasp that doesn't break-away and it's black which is very sleek looking on the Brat who has Siamese colouring. I also remembered to pick up a plastic patch kit for my air mattress which I've been forgetting about for quite some time. We picked up some groceries and went home. I made homemade pizza and it was great while we chatted. The roommate and sidekicks came home and decided not to watch a movie with us but scittered about upstairs before vamoosing out on the town again.

The Calgarian Agent phoned me, inebriated, late tonight just as Hudson Hawk was ending. He was happy and drunk. It was great. Fabulous, even. [grin]

There were so many great things that happened lately and I keep meaning to let people know because they make me so happy. It's the little things. Like having a piece of paper for a local gamer that I barely know in my wallet for what must be over a year and finally seeing him a few weeks ago and remembering to give it to him. Australia boy would be so proud of me for finally delivering it. I can't remember any of the other things right now, but I'm sure I'll insert them later.

Now, I'm going to complete this excellent day by closing my eyes very soon.

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Calgarian Bne said...

Inebriated nothin, I was redamndiculously smashed. Caymus Conundrum is fantastic btw.

Says I never read anyone's blogs...I show you!

Suz said...

I will give Bne $5 if he calls me and says that Misha is an angel. Heh.

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