Frustration at Work

So I asked for help yesterday on something and the answer I got was, "Here is a case where is doesn't work. And oh, by the way, you did this other thing wrong too." No additional information and basically telling me to check around on my own and do all the things that I thought were in their job description. But now, it seems I have to take my time to do their job all over again. In addition, I certainly didn't ask to have my work checked. I asked their a specific question and the sample data I sent doesn't have to be perfect. So not only do I not have a concrete answer, I've wasted a day waiting for it. GAH!!

And now this... A co-worker that I *thought* I was on good terms with, is upset with me but won't talk to me about it. I just want to hide in a hole. I don't know what I did now.

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