The Interview

I had an interview today for a manager position at my company. Well, first of all, I forgot that I had been a manager over year-end. How could I forget that? It was all I did for 3 months and I'm not just talking about work hours. I worked so much overtime and didn't have a social life and lived for work. I remembered in my last interview. The more I think about the interview, the more I am appalled by my performance. So, let's not think about that anymore. I get to embarass myself again on Thursday with a presentation to the interviewers.

My triumph for the day was putting my new wheelbarrow together. And I did it without profanity. The neighbours were out on their deck so I decided to behave and not have a freak out. Not that I even came close, but I still think the neighbours had something to do with it.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. Lunch at Moxie's with my dear friend and boyfriend. Then she went shopping while the bf and I went to D&D. It was pretty much a bookkeeping day again which isn't bad. We got through a 35 day journey without any problems which was a little different than the previous we had attempted the journey as we met a cave hag, ran into a Despair torturing a Hope, befriended a village of minotaurs and helped them defeat a lot of lizard men, decided not to attack the dragons, were drugged and kidnapped by some angry dwarves, rescued the dwarven leader from being possessed, and ended up teleported home by a creepy arch to find our hometown about to be burned. So, an event free 35 day journey sounds blissful. After D&D, I hung out with Alan all night in front of the TV. We haven't done that in a long time. It was very nice.

No plan for the rest of the evening. Maybe a little City of Heroes with a cat on my lap.

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