Short Day

Today was a very short day. I woke up kind of late which was earlier than the past two days, but still. And only 12 hours later, I'm winding down for the day.

I phoned a friend's mom about borrowing her edger for the yard. They're only about $20 so I'm thinking about buying one myself, but I don't know if I need one year after year. We'll see. However, I did get a Dutchee V or stirrup hoe today. I used one when I worked on a produce farm in my teens and it was always my favourite hoe after that. Yes, I have a favourite hoe.

Early's Farm and Garden is a dangerous place for me to shop, really. It's a pet centre as well. Although I was disappointed in the variety of cat supplies as opposed to dog supplies. And that the exact same leash, one with a picture of a cat on the label and one with a picture of a dog, was a dollar more for the cat version. Sheesh! At any rate, the Brat has lost his roaming priveleges by losing his collar with all his ID and now must be tied up in the yard at all times. Now at least, he can go outside after supper which was always a no-no before.

The new collar didn't work very well either. I didn't look at it closely enough - it's a breakaway collar which means one good tug frees the cat from the collar. My cat is very stubborn so the collar has to be firmly attached to his neck or he will get out of it. He's even squirmed his way out of harnesses.

I tried to buy a wheelbarrow at Canadian Tire, but they were sold out of the one I wanted so I took a raincheque. The next shipment probably won't be in until June 20th. I'm hoping I don't need it as much by then otherwise my roommate and I will be very far behind in yardwork. In fact without my roommate, I doubt any of the progress made on the yard would be where it is today.

So all in all, a very unsuccessful shopping day.

The yard is really starting to take shape though. The roommate and I planted poppies, columbines, pumpkins, tomatoes, sunflowers, amaranthus, spaghetti squash and some other stuff today. And almost all the transplanted raspberries from the roomie's previous abode are budding. And we transplanted a schwack of irises from the front yard to the back. Yes, indeed a whole schwack.

My to do list for today didn't really get done. I did do yardwork and some vacuuming and I did watch Finding Nemo with my boyfriend, but that's about it. And now, my cat is sleeping peacefully on my bed reminding me that tomorrow is going to be a very busy day indeed. Maybe the laundry, I'm looking forward to it.

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r said...

Nice to know you have a favorite hoe! Dad'll be so impressed!

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