Lord of the Rings Board Game

My boyfriend and I bought ourselves the cooperative board game Lord of the Rings for our anniversary one year. It was a great investment because we love the game, we just haven't played it in a long time. And we haven't won in even longer. Actually, ever since he picked up the Friends and Foes Expansion. It makes the game a lot harder, but we did fairly well tonight. My visiting friend and I went to visit two other friends of mine in the city - that's where we played tonight. And then we sat in the hot tub for a while.

That was the end to our day. It started out by hanging around the house until late afternoon when my boyfriend called to go see Star Wars Episode 3. So the three of us did that and it was great, everything I expected it to be. The action and fight scenes were great, actually better than I expected. Please don't anyone expect Hayden to have learned how to be passionate with a girl because those relationship scenes weren't good.

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