40 Best Albums from the Past 25 Years

I saw part 2 of Much More Music's Listed for this one. I'm oddly attracted to a lot of top however many things in a category type lists. They just sucker me in. With music, I justify it as culture...

  1. Nirvana (Nevermind)
  2. U2 (The Joshua Tree)
  3. Michael Jackson (Thriller)
  4. Guns ‘N Roses (Appetite For Destruction)
  5. Radiohead (OK Computer)
  6. Smashing Pumpkins (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness)
  7. The Clash (London Calling)
  8. Prince (Purple Rain)
  9. Madonna (Ray of Light)
  10. R.E.M. (Out Of Time)
  11. Moby ( Play)
  12. Eminem (The Eminem Show)
  13. Bruce Springsteen (Born in the U.S.A.)
  14. AC/DC (Back in Black)
  15. Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill)
  16. The Police (Synchronicity)
  17. Public Enemy (Fear Of A Black Planet)
  18. Red Hot Chili Peppers (Blood, Sugar, Sex Magic)
  19. Metallica (Metallica)
  20. Lauryn Hill (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill)
  21. Peter Gabriel (So)
  22. Oasis (What’s The Story Morning Glory?)
  23. Beastie Boys (Ill Communication)
  24. The Smiths (The Queen Is Dead)
  25. Coldplay (A Sudden Rush of Blood...)
  26. Sarah McLachlan (Surfacing)
  27. Run DMC (Raising Hell)
  28. Pearl Jam (Ten)
  29. Alicia Keys (Songs In A Minor)
  30. Green Day (Dookie)
  31. Mariah Carey (Daydreamer)
  32. Soundgarden (Superunknown)
  33. Bjork (Debut)
  34. Bon Jovi (Slippery When Wet)
  35. Notorious B.I.G (Ready to Die)
  36. No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
  37. TLC (Crazy Sexy Cool)
  38. Beck (Odelay)
  39. U2 (The Unforgettable Fire)
  40. Def Leppard (Hysteria)

I was quite happy to see that U2 was on the list twice. When I saw number 39 in the countdown, I was disappointed it wasn't the Joshua Tree. Then I saw it was number 2. Yay!

More happiness when I saw that I already own a significant number of these albums or want to. Just goes to show I have fantastic taste in music. Heh.

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