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After working for 12 hours yesterday and then coming home to play Fading Suns in a hot house with my friends, I was very exhausted. It was a good day, but a very long one.

Today, I opted not to go into work early and sleep an extra hour. It was totally worth it.

I finished talking to all my staff today for the second time. It was really great. I'm loving building these relationships and hopefully being able to make their work lives better. That's going to be my greatest reward if I can accomplish anything that makes their life easier.

Anyway, the good company was the new manager from Winnipeg who is in town visiting my co-worker. She and her husband drove up with their fifth wheel and are camping during the visit. My coworker and her significant other and the manager and her hubby and I went to the Willows for some apps and drinks and good conversation. It was one of the most relaxed and easy outing with people from work that I'd ever attended. Really great. I may have stuck my foot in my mouth a few times and said too much, but whatever. I'm not going to worry about it. It was a great night.

And tonight, my parents are here. My dad is being my saviour and installing my roommate's air conditioner as it's bloody hot this week. I love that my parents are here. I depend on them so much for their support. I phoned them this morning to say, "The heat won't kill me, but my roommate might. Help!" Of course, that was an exageration, but here they are installing the air conditioner. I'd feel more guilty if mom hadn't already been planning on coming up tonight anyway.

And tomorrow night, I get another set of visitors. Friends from high school are coming to visit and I'm totally go to love having them here. Especially once the AC is installed.

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