Still Tired

It's been busy. Wednesday night, I didn't get to sleep until about 2 a.m. I was so preoccupied with the course that I was taking for work. And just work in general as this was the first day where I had been able to concentrate on one thing all day with no interruptions.

The training and reflection on the past four weeks of my new job continued on Thursday as well as finally getting to sit down with a co-worker that I'd worked with closely and realized that we'd become friends in the process - just solidified by actually meeting in person. All in all, an exhausting two days.

And of course, my plane was delayed again. It's a good thing I don't plan to be somewhere after my plane gets in. It was still an interesting flight home. Everyone seemed so friendly and polite. There was a very small baby and two other children under the age of ten on the plane. In the airport, they'd been quite rambunctious, but didn't make a peep on the plane. My seat was actually next to the father and baby but there were some empty seats at the back so I opted for one of those. The fluorescent light above me was more annoying than I would liked with its buzzing, but fluorescents don't get hot so I was able to tap it with my finger and and make the buzzing stop for quite long intervals. And then I forgot to tell the flight attendant. It was an Air Canada flight and the flight attendant was way more relaxed than any other flight attendant I'd seen on an AC flight. I was sitting sideways in the two seats and he didn't tell me to sit straight in my seat. It was a pleasant surprise. And we chased the sunset all the way from Winnipeg to Saskatoon. You can imagine the incredible colours of the sky for the whole trip - absolutely amazing. My favourite scene was the white clouds being white against the orange sky because we were above them. The clouds take on the colour of the sky when you are looking up at them. Anyway, enough about that hour of my life. [grin]

Friday went well. I was tired, but it went well. I didn't get nearly enough done, but it was still a good day. I came home after work and went straight to bed. I forgot to stop by the Canadian Cancer Society office as I'd promised on Tuesday. And I forgot to go for drinks at Earl's with the United Way crew, but apparently, I was tired. I woke up at midnight from the heat and bothered a friend of mine on the phone until 2 a.m. then finally tried to sleep again with some success after reading for a little bit more.

The book club meeting on Saturday was cancelled due to the lack of people who'd actually finished reading the book. To be fair, my roommate was right and told us three weeks ago that it wasn't enough time. But the rest of us said, no, no, we can read it in three weeks. We all suck except my roommate and his girlfriend who did finish the book.

Instead of book club, most everyone came over anyway and we watched the movie What Dreams May Come. What a great movie. Not a dry eye in the house and a lot of kleenex used too. My roommate made rhubarb cobbler again which was quite tasty. We ended up outside in the backyard chatting in the shade of my large evergreen tree. Quite a lovely afternoon.

Then for the evening adventure, my boyfriend and I ordered a fajita pizza from Panago which was quite yummy and played City of Heroes until midnight when my eyes were burning. And now, I'm very much looking forward to closing my eyes and sleeping a sleep of the dead.

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neuba said...

Delayed plane, again? That is a regular occurence with my job AND I do usually have to be somewhere after I arrive late. Planes are sucky! Well no there not, it is just another thing that people like to get irritated and annoyed when there is nothing you can do about it. I used to really let it bother me, but now I am satisfied by watching other people get pissed off. It is a good form of cheap entertainment when you are on a plane and there is nothing else to do.

Suz said...

That's when I get caught up on my reading.

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