Loooong Weekend

To my delight, I haven't driven my car in two days. What a wondrous thing!

Canada Day included seeing my brother and his kids on their brief stop over on their long journey to Nipawin, a visit from a friend in Saskatoon that I don't see nearly enough, a long phone conversation with a friend in Australia who I get to see in less than a month, a frolick in a brief thunder shower, and a movie in good friends' company.

Unfortunately, Saturday ambushed me with a headache that kept me in vast pain most of the day. A few brief interludes for hugs from my boyfriend which were quite welcome and some rhubarb sex (rhubarb cobbler with vanilla ice cream). I also tried to make dinner plans with baby Z and family, but both her father and I had other plans for the night we tried to book for. Quite amusing really - I have no plans for Wednesday, but I won't be in Saskatoon so it'd be a bit difficult to attend a dinner here and he's working and then playing hockey. What a fine pair! I finally decided to consult my daily planner to be sure.

This morning, I woke up more refreshed than I've felt in ages and ready to take on the world! And as such, I'm defeating all manner of villains in City of Heroes. Maybe I'll get around to some housework tonight, but I'm not worried about it. I feel great.

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neuba said...

Mmmmmm Rhubarb Sex - sounds interesting and delicious!

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