Supper with Friends

For days, I've had this nagging suspicion that there was something that I had to do tonight other than my chiropractor appointment.

Sure enough, looking through my daily planner this morning, I saw huge lettering in the evening slot - supper at friend's. Bring Apples to Apples and LOTR. Hmmm... I should maybe try looking at my daily planner at times other than when I'm at work like, say weekends. Heh.

So I quickly phoned my boyfriend to remind him that we had supper plans. That was also a smart move on my part. I plan ahead so I'd already written down the right address in my daily planner address section as well. Always thinking, that's me!

I stopped to play a little Puzzle Pirates before heading off to supper. There was a very, very excited dog there that I hadn't met before. She likes to jump. A lot. She actually jumped so high that her head was above mine. Quite frightening when you think that there is a very small child around that this clumsy, very excitable dog might accidentally pounce upon in a moment of uninhibited joyous romping. Still very entertaining for me. Between the dog and the baby, there was no lack of giggles coming from me. That baby sure is cute.

Dinner was, as always with that chef, overwhelming and quite fantastic. Barbecued ribs, cabbage salad, caesar salad, potato and carrot pancake fritter type things (yummy despite my description), lemon meringue pie, garlic bread, and I know there was something else because the table couldn't hold all the food. [grin]

After supper, it was time for Apples to Apples. I quite enjoy the game even though I got completely hosed this time. Usually, I do much better. I got no green cards. None. Someone who didn't know some of the words got three cards to my zero. So much for my reading being good for my vocabulary. [sigh] I still had a good time playing the game. I always do.

Somehow, ten o'clock has become late. I remember when one o'clock was still early. One of the tragedies of having a day job, I guess. I don't mind the regular paycheque so I won't complain too much. Heh.

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