Tag, I'm It Again

It's nice to be thought of and all, but can I really avoid being tagged in cases where I'm going to keep reading my friends blogs? I could choose not to respond, I suppose, but that's no fun either. I have enough of not fun stuff at work. So the question really becomes, would I like not to be tagged? Probably not. [grin] I like talking about me.

Number of CDs I own
About 120, but I think a bit more. I need another CD holder. I need to mount the one I've got on the wall.

Last CD I bought
Do I remember this? I've received more CDs as gifts recently than actually bought. My cat got me a Jacksoul CD for Christmas. The album name was Resurrected and has some fabulous songs on it like "I Still Believe in Love" which got quite a bit of radio play last year and "Getting It On" which will always make me smile. I'd have to be reminded to know if I've bought a CD other than that one since last December.

Recent favourite/new listen
All the names of the CDs I've been wanting to get have fled my brain just now. OOooo... just got one. The new Black Eyed Peas CD with Don't Phunk With My Heart. I really want to pick that one up. It's one of those that I think I'm going to like the whole album so I might as well. Of course, that's what I thought about the Cake album with Short Skirt, Long Jacket and it's new owner loves it way more than I do. [wink] Cake is good for me once in a while in my boyfriend's music collection.

Five CDs that are meaningful to me
Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstacy) -Ice Cream helped me through a very difficult summer
Maroon 5 (Songs About Jane) -someone gave me this CD because he just wanted to give me music and its a fabulous album
Holly Cole (Treasury) -Holly Cole signed it for me even though I've never met her. She's my favourite singer even though she's changed her style to a bit more experimental jazzy than I like
Wild Strawberries (Quiver) -also signed by the lead singer, Roberta, who I saw in Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Calgary over three days. A wonderful roadtrip with dear friends.
Dr. Hook -anything by Dr. Hook will remind me of my mom. When we lived on an acreage outside Calmar and had to drive home from Edmonton every night, mom would sing to my brother and I because it was the easiest way to keep us settled down. Of course, the only songs she knew all the words to were Dr. Hook songs and especially those from the album Makin' Love and Music. Heh. It makes me giggle to think of these songs being sung to children under 5. And look at how great I turned out!! [GRIN]

It's important to note that almost all my music is meaningful to me because of someone in my life. Lots of music reminds me of my mom, lots of music reminds me of my friend in Fort McMurray, lots of music reminds me of my roommate, and I could go on. There is very little that I have in my collection for me although it seems to be growing more in the past few years than the rest of my life. Up until a few years ago, the only music in my collection that was purely for me was Holly Cole. I'm glad to note that this trend is changing.

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