War of the Worlds

I saw War of the Worlds last night. It was ... good. I'm hesitant to say that because although the movie was very well done thanks to Mr. Spielberg, I noticed Tom Cruise in the movie more than once. I just don't think he did an outstanding job with this one. And he's been sooo nutty lately. Apparently, he's always been that way and how could Nicole have put up with him for almost 10 years, but that's besides the point. And really not that shocking or interesting.

I had a to do list today that I thought was quite unreasonable and I truly managed to get most of it done. It was very impressive. The urgency of the list was due to my flying to Winnipeg tomorrow afternoon. I didn't get packed yet, but I know that I'll get it done in the morning cuz I have to. [grin]

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neuba said...

I was wondering what it was like. The preview looked good, however I am hesitant to watch a Tom Cruise movie. I really don't like him.

Still debating?

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