Drive Home Last Sunday

I was very caffeinated last Sunday night for the drive home which was the only thing that made it possible for me to get home. But being that caffeinated gives way to interesting thoughts.

Fourteen hours in a car by yourself leads to a lot of thinking. And singing out loud so you can have a break from thinking for a while. I tried to make many mental notes as to what I wanted to post here upon my return and I remember almost none of it which just amuses me greatly.

My new boss told me to think about work a bit so I did, but I don't think it did any good because I didn't get anywhere or have any epiphanies so I stopped.

And I noticed halfway home from Calgary that I had only seen dead animals so far on this drive. I hate it when that happens because I find it depressing. So I opened my eyes and mind to try to find the live ones. More than I could count! It was great. Notably, six deer (one still losing his fawn spots and bounding through a field, a group of two and a group of three in the ditch eating), a rabbit in a field, a wolf, and red-winged black bird on a post, an eagle waiting on a post in the middle of a field, and a small black bird which dive-bombed a gopher that was in the weeds right next to road which made the gopher run right in front of my car. I didn't hit him. I love this little lesson - to see the good instead of the bad, just look for it.

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