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Well, I made it. I'm not exactly sure how because I don't really remember the three hours I was in the car. There was lots of music. I was mostly just thinking the whole time. And maybe being a bit less concentratey on the road as I should have been. I didn't speed either. Most times I looked at the spedometer, I was doing almost exactly 100. That made me feel alright.

I didn't get to hear Miss Otis Regrets by Bette Midler. I love singing that song and I haven't heard it recently enough to remember the tune and words well enough. Pretty soon, they'll be ingrained, but until then I'll have to hear the song periodically which I don't mind at all. The last time I heard it, I was singing it for days afterward. To my boyfriend too which he could've taken in a very bad way. Especially since I was so excited about it. Heh.

There was a thundershower happening in the distance for the last 30minutes or so of my drive which made it go quite quickly. I absolutely love watching the lightning in the sky. I'm always in such awe of these things.

I'm determined to have a really good weekend. I haven't decided yet everyone I'm going to visit or whether I'm going home to Nipawin on Sund.... Hmmm... that's a bit of a slip. Apparently I need to go visit my parents soon. Anyway, haven't decided when I'm going back to Saskatoon yet - either Sunday or Monday. It might be Sunday just so I have the day on Monday to just be at home. I haven't had enough of those lately.

I'm going to see so many people at the wedding that I haven't seen in forever. I haven't been really good at keeping in touch with them so I'm a little worried that they might be mad at me, but I'm sure everything will be fine. I do think about them, but am never in a position to act on it when I do think of them. [sigh] I do think of them. And smile. And wonder what they're up to. It's a good thing I get to find out this weekend.

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